AKILÉÏNE® Akil Toilette Skin Wash Lotion 250 ml

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    AKIL TOILETTE Skin Wash Lotion Professional Size: Unique skin wash lotion without water and without rinsing. Gently cleanses, deodorizes and refreshes the skin. Suitable for sensitive skins. Very pleasant smell!


    To wash skin without water and without rinsing.
    Can be used as an emollient during a pedicure or a foot care.

    Instructions for use

    Spray on feet, or apply with a soaked piece of cotton wool.
    Allow 10 – 15 seconds to work, and then wipe feet with a clean towel.
    No rinsing necessary.
    Pleasantly scented, can also be used to clean hands before a facal or a make-up application.
    Recommended for manicures as well, to spray clients hands and towel dry as above.
    Can also be used to clean practitioner’s hands before a treatment.
    Excellent for cleansing hands when in a hurry or proper facilities are not available.

    Key ingredients

    Essential Oil of Lavender
    Bi-Distilled Vegetable Oils
    Vegetable Glycerin
    Paraben Free