AKILÉÏNE® Hydra-Defense Balm (Very Dry Feet) 125 ml

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    AKILEINE Hydra-Defense Foot Balm: Moisturizes and helps prevent calluses. This re-balancing treatment is specially formulated for very dry feet. A single daily application intensively hydrates the skin for 24 hours and helps reduce skin hardness. Intense moisturizing effect from the very 1st application (+ 66%). Helps to get rid of rough skin quickly and restores suppleness and softness to the feet.


    Dehydrated and very dry skin
    Severe hyperkeratosis. Roughness.

    Instructions for use

    Use once a day with a light massage on the feet.
    Concentrated and non oily formula.

    Key ingredients

    Cameline oil
    Grape seed oïl
    Silk Lipesters (Asepta Patent)
    Imperata cylindrica
    Provitamin B5
    Paraben Free