AKILÉÏNE® Cold Weather Protection Akilwinter 30 ml

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    AKILEINE Winter Cream: Helps to fight skin damage from cold weather and humidity on feet, hands and face . Moisturizes and helps to sooth itchy dry skin due to cold weather.  Helps to protect the skin exposed to cold and keeps the skin comfortable,supple and soft. Suitable for the whole family.


    Sensitive skin (feet, hands ans face).
    Skin that needs protection from cold and humid weather.

    Instructions for use

    Apply on the skin areas exposed to cold weather such as face, feet, ears and hands and lightly massage.
    In case of intense cold, apply a second layer.
    Apply as often as needed.

    Key ingredients

    Ginkgo Biloba
    Enoxolone (liquorice root extract)
    Vitamin A, E & D-Panthenol
    Shea Butter
    Calendula Oil
    Paraben Free